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Fabrica – I’ve been waiting for you

Fabrica Exhibit at the Triad New Media Gallery, in Seoul, Korea.

5-Boro Challenge, Nike+

Kiosk installation that allowed runners to challenge their friends by emailing a postcard with their picture in it.

Le Baron

Installation at Le Baron night club in Paris, that allows people in the club to create a collaborative movie.

Fabrica – Les Yeux Ouverts

Fabrica exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Wool – Benetton Fashion Show Installation

Interactive for the Benetton Fashion Show 2006 at the Centre Pompidou.

Designing Playful Experiences – IUAV

Designing Playful Experiences, a course given together with Andy Cameron at Università di Venezia, facoltà di Design e Arti (IUAV). Widgets

Different software gadgets developed to bring to the user’s desktops.

Camera Based Toys

Some camera-based experiments (and some not) I made during my stay at Fabrica Interactive.

Home Entertainment – Colette Paris

Store-window installation at Colette, Paris.

Text Face

Interactive installation that allows people to leave a text-message attached to a video message. Let’s call it video-guestbook.

Study abroad; why and why not?

A one day installation that allowed students to give their opinion about studying abroad.

Remote at La Fenice

Custom software to be performed during “Surrogate Cities”, an opera by Heiner Goebbels at La Fenice” in Venice, Italy.

Istanbul Street Portraits

Store-window interactive installed at the Fabrica Features store in Istanbul that allows passing-by people to interact.


Fish is an aquarium simulator for Mac OS X. This was my final thesis at University.