Oriol Ferrer Mesià
Based in Barcelona, Spain

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October 9th, 2012

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Arithmos is a game that tests your agility at mental arithmetic calculations. The game consists of a series of levels that require solving. Each level proposes a number, and provides a board with numbers and mathematical operations. The game expects you to combine them to construct the proposed number. Once you do, you are taken to the next level.

Arithmos proposes three game modes, "Time Attack", "Survival", and "Complete".

"Time Attack" mode gives you 10 seconds to clear a level. If you do, you will be taken to the next level. if you don't, you lost. The fastest you solve a level, the more points you get. Also, using fewer operations leads to higher scores.

"Survival" mode gives you 60 seconds to complete as many levels as you can. Every time you complete a level you are given a few extra seconds.

"Complete" mode gets rid of the time pressure, but you are constrained to one single board, which mean you progressively have less numbers are your disposal to clear levels. Strategy becomes more important to achieve higher scores.

The game also offers a "Training" mode, where you can practice solving levels while seeing the result of the current operation as you type it.

Arithmos is GameCenter compatible, and works on iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad.


v1.0 - first release


  • Practice your arithmetics
  • Three game modes + a practice mode
  • GameCenter Support


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      Oriol Ferrer Mesià
      Idea, design, development, assets, sound effects.





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