Elisava Interaction Design Course

For two weeks I have been assisting a very nice group of students at the “Màster en Digital Media Design“, from the Elisava School. I assisted them develop their projects using Processing and Arduino. The seven groups where to share a space, and an installation framework consisting of 5 ultrasound sensors, and 3 impulse sensors. Using a matrox triplehead, one single computer could send video output  to 3 projectors which projected on 3 sides of a cloth cube. To launch each of the group’s project, the visitor would get in the cube with a group’s representative object and place it on the lectern. Each object has an RFID tag that is read by a project manager (programmed by me) through an Arduino and then the group’s project is launched. Some projects used camera input as an interaction method, some audio input, some the sensors, and some a combination of all. All the groups had audio feedback as well; to do so, a communication between each project and MAX/MSP was built to create audio on realtime, depending on the sensor values.