Looking for Life

Looking for Life is an immersive interactive experience exploring the origins of life created by Snibbe Interactive. People are struck by virtual lightning bolts that gradually form cell walls around their bodies. When people touch, proto-cells emerge from their bodies and float upwards. High up on the screen, quotes about the origins of life from Darwin and other great thinkers float in, and, twisting into a helix, enter the cell in an explosion that enlivens the cell. This experience lets people contemplate the mysteries, questions and debates surrounding the origins of life.

The experience can be found at the NEMO Science Centre in Amsterdam accompanying an exhibit on the Yuri Miller experiment, and is excellent for other science museums with exhibits on the origins of life, cell biology, religion and science. And for biotech companies.

See the product page here.

Video edit by Noah Cunningham.

Early demo:

Development tests: