Parametric Structures and Urban Simulations

Vicente Guallart is an international Architect Studio based in Barcelona. They are having an exhibit in the IVAM (Valentian Institute of Modern Art), and they required some very custom computer graphics representations to better explain their works. See more at I produced a series of static animations to be played at the exhibit.

The Parametric Tree

Created custom software to represent a “Guallart Parametric Tree”, a dynamic 3d model of a tree whose appearance can modified through parameters. See pdf. (in Spanish)

The Parametric Rocks

Created an animation to show how a set of points can create very different rocks just by modifying its parameters.

The Urban Sim on the Wall

This consisted on a projection over the old wall remaining of Valencia. The projection simulates a day in the life of a virtual city, where white letters are residencies, and the black letters equipments. See pdf. (in Spanish)