Visuals for Riche Hawtin at Sónar 08

I had a chance to do visuals for Minus; Richie Hawtin and Co. Sonar invited them again during its 2008 edition.

Thanks to Ali Demirel, who controls all the visuals for the whole set, I was given a chance to experience the joy of controlling live visuals for an enormous crowd (around 6 thousand people) dancing during 5 hours to minimal techno.

See full flickr set here.

We used my software several times during the set to make adaptive abstract visuals. Several parameters were controlled through a Midi keyboard to make the graphics seen on the several huge LED screens match the sound.

I contributed with two different ideas. One, called “Muralla”, where a bunch of particles can be controlled to either “do their thing” or follow any motion pattern you can think of. See it in action here. The other one consists of bugs crawling around the screen, see it here.

Later on “Muralla” was used as opening for the whole tour. See a little clip of “Muralla” in action I found on youtube.