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Developed the Mac OS X version of Ommwriter for Herraiz Soto.

Scalare (formerly Scalaris)

Scalare is a Twitter client for Mac OS X built as minimal and unintrusive as possible.

Music vs Motion coherence experiments

A series of particle / flocking based videos, experimenting different motions that get along with a specific track.

Looking for Life

Camera based installation for Snibbe Interactive, currently installed at the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam.

Tunnel iOS

Small Arcade game for the iPhone that uses the orientation sensor.

Visuals for Riche Hawtin at Sónar 08

Visuals for Richie Hawtin & Co. together with Ali Demirel, at Sonar 2008.

Visuals for Jovanotti Safari Tour

Custom software built upon request of my friends at “I Ragazzi della Prateria”.

Bug Rug

Interactive floor installation for Snibbe Interactive, currently installed at California Academy of Sciences, in San Francisco.

Health Choices

Interactive table installation for Snibbe Interactive, currently installed at the Connecticut Science Center.

The Four Roses

Camera Vision installation adds custom props to passing by people.

Parametric Structures and Urban Simulations

Precise Computer Graphics representations for Vicente Guallart Architect Studio.


What if screens were made out of alive bugs, instead of being made out of static pixels?

Piacere, Fabrica @ Benetton Store Window

Interactive installed at the Benetton Store window in Milan’s busiest shopping street, corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Les Yeux Ouverts – Milano Triennale

Some pieces installed as part of the Fabrica show “Les Yeux Ouverts” at the Milano Triennale.


Play with liquid by tilting you mac laptop.

Elisava Interaction Design Course

Assisting the students there develop their projects using Processing and Arduino.

Piacere, Fabrica @ Moca Shanghai

Interactive installation within the “Remote/Control” Interactive and Multimedia Art Show at Moca Shanghai.


Webcam driven musical instrument installation. It creates music out of images taken from webcams around the world.