G is a Gravitation simulator designed for iPad / iPhone.

G allows you to interact with the law of the Universal Gravitation by adding bodies into a simulation and seeing how they react to each other; all in a true multitouch environment.

G offers a vast universe to add your bodies into, potentially allowing you to create stable planetary systems, binary star systems, and other multiple-body complex systems.

download IPA

The best way to learn how to use G is to watch the video tutorial.

G is very simple to use. When you first start it, you are presented with the solar system. The Sun and all planets from Mercury to Uranus are added to the simulation, including the Earth's Moon.

First, get familiar with how to navigate G's Universe.

- Drag on empty space to pan around the universe.
- Pinch (two fingers) on empty space to zoom in and out the Universe.
- Tap on a body to select it, making the camera follow it.

You can then start interacting with the system, by adding new bodies, modifying or deleting the existing ones.

- Double-tap on empty space to create a body.
- Drag after double- tap to set the new body's initial velocity.
- Drag an existing body to relocate it.
- Double-tap on an existing body to set a new velocity.

Thanks to Carl Sagan and his show "Cosmos" for the original inspiration.

Thanks to Hansi Raber for his continuous feedback during the development of G. You should absolutely try his amazing music toy "Soundythingie".

Thanks to Nathan Shedroff & Christopher Noessel for making the book "Make It So", which helped me a lot while deciding how to tackle certain aspects of the G graphical user interface.

Thanks to OpenFrameworks and its wonderful community for making the development of G much easier.

Keep in mind this is a one-man-band project; I am responsible for the original idea, the design, the development, and the making of all the assets - Oriol

See the press kit.

If you have any questions, just ask them in the comunity forum below.

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