Biopool Kiosk Update

The Tech Museum wanted a facelift for the Biopool kiosks. They approached Local Projects with the need of removing the physical interface, moving to a touch-screen based approach.

We had to come up with a plan to make the experience work solely with touch, merging the old informative screen space and the obvious tangible interface into a single touchscreen… All whilst helping the user understand the implication of their choices.

Technically, the update was challenging as the interface is the data you are interacting with, and continuity in animation between the different state was key to keep the confusion levels low. I used LiquidFun / Box2D and custom reactive and magnetic forces to achieve the simultaneously organic & technical feel of the interactive.


Creative Direction: Eric Mika
Graphic Design: Duy Pham
Project Management: Keeli Shaw
UX: Nina Boesch
Creative Technologist: Oriol Ferrer Mesià