Home Entertainment – Colette Paris


Home Entertainment is an installation proposed by Fabrica, constructed out of industrial storage shelving and stacks of obsolete technologies from the 1980s – dial telephones, VHS tapes and old school ghetto blasters, recreated in perfect detail in flawless white ceramic. The effect is that of a mausoleum of defunct consumer electronics from the recent past, the place where old technologies go to die.

Right in the center of all this frozen obsolescence flickers an electronic screen, the only sign of life within the installation space. This screen too is made of white ceramic, but the electronic display shows a moving image sequence of hundreds and hundreds of ghostly faces, peering intently out of the window and trapped in a never ending video loop. These are the faces of passers by in the street who, by touching a special sensor set into the store window, have triggered a video camera to record a short sequence – 24 frames or one second of moving image – of themselves to add to the exhibition. Each day the exhibition grows as more and more passers by add themselves to the artwork.

I worked with Daniel Hirschmann, Bethany Koby, Sam Baron and Andy Cameron on this.

See official information here.

Pictures of the Home Entertainment installation.

How to use it.

Part of the collected footage after one week. Music by Merche Blasco (Barbuda).

Musical score by Andres Reymondes.