Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

While working for Local Projects, I developed and lead a team of developers towards making all the multitouch interactive tables in the museum. There are different table models, the Collections Table, the Wallpaper Table, and the Donors Table. The Collections table is available in different sizes, the one-user 32″, the four-user 55″ table, and the 84″ six-user table. The 84″ and 55″ tables run on 4k screens. The tables themselves are designed by Ideum, who was also responsible for the touch overlays.

The tables show objects from the museum collection; and they are driven by the museum content management system. The Collections Table displays around 4000 objects right now.

The Museum also offers an interactive pen that allows you to collect items throughout the space, and then review those items on the tables. The tables also allow you to “collect” items you like from the collection, and also to create you own designs. Those can be saved to your account by using the pen, to later review them from the museum’s website.

I worked with Gal Sasson (OF front end), Philipp Rockel (OF front end), Andreas Borg (OF front end) and Sundar Raman (back end) on the tech side. Interaction Design by Angela Chen, Graphic Design by Paul Hope. Project Managers were Kristen Svorka (phase one) and Kristin Lovejoy (Phase two).

The tables were developed in Open Frameworks, and their source code will be made public soon.

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