Case Western University Reserve Media Wall

While working at Local Projects, I developed an interactive Media Wall for Case Western Reserve University‘s Tinkham Veale University Center. The wall shows the media introduced on a client-facing back end that allows insertion, edition and deletion of new content.

The content is divided in 4 categories (hence the 4 colors). The installation shows 4000 information units represented as cubes, flocking in realtime across the wall, in the background. Some of those cubes are brought to the foreground, where the final users can interact with them. Clicking on a cube unfolds its content inside, and also presents the user with related in the form of smaller cubes, floating around the main content piece.

Paul Hope created a modular design pattern that would allow the content to unfold from a 3D cube shape into a flat representation that would adapt to the content’s dimensions.

The wall consists of 12 x 5 Christie Microtiles. The wall runs at about 5500 x 1700 pixels @ 60fps.

The project was developed in Open Frameworks in around 3 months.

Worked on this with Paul Hoppe (Graphic Design), Ethan Holda (Back End) and Keeli Shaw (Project Management).