Fabrica – Les Yeux Ouverts

We are the time, We are the famous.

An interactive installation where the audience is the protagonist. Visitors are confronted by, and interact with, two real time images of themselves. One image slows down and blurs time as if it were a photo being developed; the other image fragments time into a sequence of frozen moments, like a strip of cinematic celluloid which appears to move across the wall. On one wall the spectator is encouraged to remain still in order to see his or her image reflected clearly, while on the other one he or she is encouraged to move in order to animate the sequence.

The piece portrays two means of being represented in time –photographic still and film sequence. Yet in “We are the time. We are the famous”, the still image is in reality the moving image, representing a length of time in motion, while the motion sequence is formed by a series of static moments in time. In this way time is experienced directly and simultaneously by the spectator as a flow and at the same time as a series of points. So time can be seen in two contradictory ways at the same moment. The title of the installation is taken from a poem by J.L. Borges: “We are the time. We are the famous”.

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Together with Andy Cameron, Dave Towey, Hansi Raber and David McDougall.