Use the Force!
download the ScreenSaver (v 1.5) here!

What is it?

Fields is a small force field simulator for Mac OS X in the form of a screen saver. Particles react to each other creating interesting visual patterns. Lots of parameters can be set to achieve different visual results in the simulation.

How to use it?

Launch it, and play with the parameters! It's possible to go to fullscreen mode. The screen saver just requires to be double-clicked.

Is it free?

Yes! If you really want to, you can always contribute to my Pay-Pal account. If you want to include it into any CD-ROM or other media to mass-distribute it, please email-me!


Many thanks To Hansi Raber for his wise comments.

Known Issues

Slow computers might need to pull down the number of particles to keep the simulation running smooth.

Version History

v1.5 - 27/06/2007

	-Added Motion Blur setting
	-Added different overlay methods
	-Tweaked the presets
	-little bug fixes here and there...

v1.4 - 12/05/2007

	-User can now set custom particle colors
	-Recovered "sharp Dot" particle style from old versions
	-Fixed a huge memory leak
	-Improved texturing method
	-little bug fixes here and there...

v1.3 - 23/04/2007

	-Changed turning routines to avoid jerkiness
	-Added a new Preset and tweaked the old ones
	-Made Preview View a bit more accurate...
	-Fixed Update Detection system
	-Fixed some small bugs...

v1.2 - 20/04/2007

	-New graphic system opens new world of possibilities
	-Added and tweaked Presets

v1.1 - 19/04/2007

	-MultiThreaded OpenGL
	-Draw in main screen only
	-No more Flickering
	-Settings properly saved and loaded
	-more bug fixes...
	-Sorry just realized about a bug detecting the screen number,
	 that required to restart the System Preferences to See the preview
	 each time... Please download again!

v0.6 - 02/08/2006

	-Fields has now taken the form of a screen saver!

v0.5 - 04/06/2006

	-First Public Release.


The videos don't make any justice to Fields; it rus very smoothly at 60 fps making the motion way more fluid.

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