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Acabo de trobar això a la meva carpeta “Random Stuff”. Després de casi 2 anys sense afegir res al blog, aquí estic afegint un text “de l’època”. Sembla que vaig voler fer una sessió d’escriptura sense un rumb concret, just abans de publicar la versió final d’OmmWriter Dana. Però m’ha fet gràcia rellegir-la… Aquí vé:

I am at carlo’s office today. I havent been able to work at home lately. I forgot my moleskine, so all my iphone ideas are gone.

This is what happened today. i woke up, with a dry mouth. i didn’t know where i was, as often happens lately. I felt bloated, I had too much food for dinner last night. Moscow Meatballs, pretty good. i am in bed, its sunny outside. the window is open, and the noise downstairs is probably the cause of my awakening. someone is locking up his/her bike, making a lot of noise. i still dont know when and where i am. then, consciousness takes over, and i remember i live in berlin now. i am in berlin, this is my room, with its two single beds side by side. i sleep on the left side. the room is as wide as both beds, so there’s no easy way to get out of bed. one has to exit the bed through the feet of the mattress, which might become a difficult task when one just woke up. i do that, and my curiosity makes me go and peek through the window. i guess right, there’s a guy locking up his old cursing bike. weather feels right, not too warm, sun rays feel strong. i am hungry. my awareness slowly grows, it’s thursday. i still don’t know what time it is, and i am supposed to be at carlo’s office at 11. not that i care now… i still haven’t had breakfast. breakfast! the only good reason for one to wake up.

hansi talks to me on Skype, and i still see growl notifications popping up! i should fix that… Let me ask in the Growl forums for an answer. back to today’ events.

i was writing about breakfast. i am very strict about breakfast. most people are not functional without a cup of coffe. I need something sweet instead. usually cereal, hopefully with a couple cookies. my mornings are not very sociable. i need my alone time. i dont like communicating in the morning, dont try talking to me before i have my cereal because most likely i will answer with monosyllables. i also need to read something as i ingest my cereal. its my brain warmup. it doesnt matter what it is, it can be the cereal box, but preferably the news. as i do, i slowly become a person. the process doesnt take more than 10 minutes, but if i dont go through it, i become a grouchy monster for most of the day. nobody wants that really, so i follow my ritual. there are 5 different kinds of cereal in my kitchen right now, and usually mix 3 of them in my cereal bowl. but first i put a cookie in the bottom of the bowl. then i pour the cereals step by step, in layers. cookie remains at the bottom of the bowl, first a layer of “cereal 1”, then layer of “cereal 2”, and finally layer 3 of cereal. Then milk is added. one can start eating the crunchy cereal, as the milk softens the cookie. by the time you reach the cookie with your spoon, its soft enough to melt in your mouth. that’s how i like my breakfast. and that’s what i’ve done, once again. i read around 10 sites everyday, as i have breakfast. most of them are about new media and tech news, some are general news, and then i check my flickr and vimeo accounts to see what friends have posted. i like seeing what people i know produce, and where they travel too. What they find interesting enough to photograph. so here i am, breakfast and news-reading done. what time is it? its 10:37; i still need to brush my teeth and shower. oh and my bike’s back tire has a leak. i need to fix that. it would take too long to fix, given that i want to be at carlo’s office at 11:00. also, we might have to skip the shower. i had yesterday’s shower at 6pm, so its not that bad i guess… dress up, pack the computer into your bag, and go. i am already out the door, locking it up. why in such a rush? i dont know. who cares what time i get there… shit, I forgot the computer’s power supply; unlock the door, leave the bike by the doorway, and go get it. done, now take the bike 3 floors down, and start riding it. that would usually be a pleasant thing, but the road on the street i live on is not made out of tarmac, its made out of rocks. anyone who rides a roadbike can tell you how unpleasant that it, making such a delicate machine go through such rough surface is almost a sin (for the bike) and a pain for the raider. but the only alternative is to walk the bike till the end of the road, around 300m. that would be shameful. you decided to ride a road bike, with all of its consequences… so i ride the bumpy road. its not that bad… apart from the 3 kg macbook pro bouncing on my back. its a nice ride to carlo’s office. he’s got shared place in a huge flat, a room shared with an australian girl. he pays almost nothing for the space. he’s in oranienburgstrasse, a nice lively street south of alexanderplatz. i decide to take the long route to alexanderplatz, cos its sunny and i want to get some sun. taking the under the linden avenue you get lots of sun cos its wide open and the surrounding buildings are too far away to create shade. there’s also not much “serious” traffic, mostly taxis and lost tourists. yeah, i’ll take that road. here we go, past hauptbahnhoff, into the bundestag. i like this area of berlin, so open. doesn’t feel like a city. also, there’s a very nice Chillida sculpture i like to watch as i ride around the area. the length of the human line to see the crystal dome seems to vary a lot from day to day, and within the same day too. all those people, wasting hours of their life to see a dome on top of a building. i had to do it once, it wasnt worth it. approaching the brandenburg gate, there’s always so much people in this spot. the usual people dressed up as a german commander, or even teddy bears, trying to make some money off the tourists. some guy playing guitar…. too many people walking in different directions, lets ride through this quickly to avoid any collisions with wanderers.

i am tired of this writing. the whole point of this was to spend real time using OmmWriter, to catch any bugs before we release. so far so good, only the growl notification disabling seems not to work so well. let me check the grow discussions to see if someone has answered my question on the subject…. no answer so far. that is always frustrating. most people reading these discussion threads are in the US timezone, so ill have to wait till its morning over there.

let’s try +alt+ctrl + 8. this inverts the screen, so you get white text on a dark background in ommwriter. this seems to work very well in situations where there’s a lot of light on your laptop screen. i really like the slick save animation in ommwriter. when you are wring, the ui disappears. as soon as you move the mouse, the ui fades in again. this is quite nice on its own…. cos when u are writing, only the text is on your screen. nothing else to distract you. what i like about it, is that when you save through a keyboard shortcut (+s), the whole UI appears for a second, and the save button bounces down, then up, in a very smooth and gentle way. then the UI disappears again.

my headache is killing me! i dont think i should be staring at a computer screen. i feel like my head is about to explode. i wonder why… i hardly ever have headaches. it might be the weather, its sort of hazy thick atmosphere. maybe there’s high atmospheric pressure in berlin today…. i need an aspirin, together with some ice-cream and cereal. cold milk, and a nap. i need to change my state of mind… i wonder if i can fix this headache with pure meditation, no drugs or external treats. its my mind after all, why does it hurt? can’t i redirect the blood flow to another area of my brain, so that it’s not so painful in there? i wish we gained control over lower functions of our body. we are still animals, and some automated technology makes our body function. we can’t make our heart stop beating, we cant control when digestion happens, we can’t stop breathing, we can’t get over pain… if we own our body, why can’t we control those things? they were built for mindless creatures, unaware of their existance, as mere survival aids. wouldn’t it be great to somehow be aware that a part of our body is in pain, without actually suffering it? or, controlling our sleep… why do we need to sleep so many hours? is it because it goes dark? but it doesn’t go dark anymore, does the body really need to rest? some animals don’t sleep at all. i wonder what would have happened if life evolved in a planet where days were a year long. half a year of sunlight, half a year of darkness. would animals brains have evolved in such way that they wouldn’t sleep for 6 months, and then they would take a 6 month sleep? what if was bright all day long? would they have evolved in such a way that sleep wouldnt be necessary?

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Blog Crash!

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Something went wrong at goDaddy, and my wordpress installs fail… so I’m upgrading to a newer WordPress that seems to work fine… Deeply sorry for the temporary default theme!

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Screen shot 2010-05-19 at 12.54.35 AM.PNG

The weather in Berlin suits my current mood pretty accurately.
Maybe it’s time I start following the sun instead of following random and distant job offers.

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Anèmona & Liquidmac on iPhone

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These feel quite good even on my old 2G iPhone! Lots of tweaking to get them to feel right… There’s an iPad port too… But who knows how smooth will they run on it? I love how you are forced to release stuff you can’t possibly test on the final hardware. Feels so wrong!

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Bugs on Buildings

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Car Parking

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Moving to Berlin!
Will be working for art+com soon.

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Wouldnt it be nice if someone wrote for you?

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I’m working on a very special text editor for HerraizSoto these days… One of the niftier (and most challenging) features is that it hand-writes as you type… First tests below, shows the effect for the “Z” char only.

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Face Test At Fabrica…

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I found this looking through old hard drives….. Long time ago!

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Flexible Ribbons

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More experiments with ribbons + music…

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Swan lake + 3D Ribbons

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keeping myself busy with random new stuff…

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My FireFly is here!

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I finally got my pointgrey Firefly MV firewire camera; pretty awesome! Can’t wait to start doing cool stuff with it.