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Blog Crash!

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Something went wrong at goDaddy, and my wordpress installs fail… so I’m upgrading to a newer WordPress that seems to work fine… Deeply sorry for the temporary default theme!

setembre 5, 2009 2

Wouldnt it be nice if someone wrote for you?

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agost 15, 2009 2

Flexible Ribbons

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My FireFly is here!

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I finally got my pointgrey Firefly MV firewire camera; pretty awesome! Can’t wait to start doing cool stuff with it.

maig 16, 2009 Off

Fish Schools

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Fish schooling

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març 8, 2009 Off

Sekai Camera

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way cool! I hope they do it soon!

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Working on a minimalistic Twitter Client

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Light Lane – Bike safety!

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Read more here. via notcot.

desembre 7, 2008 Off

Installing @ Nemo Amsterdam – Looking for Life

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octubre 28, 2008 Off

Nikon D90 in da haus!

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Ja ha arribat! El meu regal de reis de l’any passat ha arribat una mica tard, però al final ha arribat! I és una passada!! : ) Al final ha estat una Nikon D90, i apart de fer unes fotos brutals a 12mpixels, grava video 720p! Una foto des de la finestra del menjador de […]

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Cool Flash based Spider

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