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desembre 23, 2007 2

Merry Xmas Everyone

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Bon Nadal 2007!

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Anèmona a “El País”

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Més info aquí. Read more here.

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Cat on the roof

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Adéu Miku! Gràcies per tot!

desembre 4, 2007 2

Port de Barcelona – TimeLapse test

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Second test on timelapse photography. This went better, as the camera didnt move so much. But something new went wrong, for some reason the camera exposure changed between shots (although it was all set in manual, so I wonder if it was the light in the scene that changed). This makes it look jumpy and […]

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TimeLapse Photography

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Fa uns dies vaig trobar això i això. Ho trobo brutal, un exemple del que es pot fer amb sèries de fotografies noctures. La referència a koyanisqaatsi és inevitable. I tinc ganes de fer alguna cosa similar a diversos punts de Barcelona. L’aventatge de fer vídeo amb una càmera fotogràfica és que permet treballar a […]

desembre 1, 2007 1

Consequences of shareware

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I’m learning new things since the release of BugMirror, my first shareware app. I guess it is a good sign when people reach your site when looking for a pirated SN of your soft through google… Google analytics is very neat, as it lets you see what did visitors type in their search queries that […]