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technorati guys are cool!

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I just got an email today from them (actually from Derek Powazek), letting me know that they realized that I was using their chart engine in my blog, and making me aware that they will change the URL format for the charts…….  I’ve never expected them to be checking those things; that’s some nice customer support!

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Cortina d’Ampezzo

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Avui hem anat a Cortina d’Ampezzo!  Un poblet molt proper a Àustria, a uns 1300 m !

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Yianni & Suzy

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gener 4, 2006 1

The online translation is working again!

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Now you can read my blog in catalan, shitty spanish, shitty english, or shitty french….

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TextFace a Londres: “every time I see the sea… life after the tsunami”

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textface is going to be one of a number of pieces in an exhibition we are producing for Christian Aid to show what they have been doing over the past year with all the money they collected for victims of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean last boxing day.TextFace és una variació de Face, el software que porto perfeccionant des de que estic a Fabrica.  La variació consisteix en posar a disposició de l’usuari un teclat, de manera que apart de permetre deixar un video-missatge, l’usuari també pot escriure un missatge de text.