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Records en forma d’arxiu

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Acabo de trobar això a la meva carpeta “Random Stuff”. Després de casi 2 anys sense afegir res al blog, aquí estic afegint un text “de l’època”. Sembla que vaig voler fer una sessió d’escriptura sense un rumb concret, just abans de publicar la versió final d’OmmWriter Dana. Però m’ha fet gràcia rellegir-la… Aquí vé: […]

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Moving to Berlin! Will be working for art+com soon.

setembre 1, 2009 3

Face Test At Fabrica…

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I found this looking through old hard drives….. Long time ago!

maig 8, 2009 2

Good Bye Snibbe

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Good Bye Snibbe! And good bye San Francisco.It was surely fun while it lasted.

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California Academy of Sciences by Night

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mira totes les fotos a:

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Please Say Something

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So “Please Say Something!” won the Golden Bear for best short film at 2009 Berlineale. Very much deserved imo! It is quite different from anything else I’ve seen, and that’s rare nowadays.Congrats David.

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One Day In San Francisco

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Shooting random clips as I was wandering around San Francisco on my bike. I Happened to get trapped in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration parade 2009. All shot with my Nikon D90 and the nikkor 18-200 VR lens. Then put it together into this nonsense clip.

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My Desk @ SnibbeI Interactive

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Magpie party

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Michael threw a party that seems to happen every year before xmas, and a bunch of people from work attended… It was fun, thanks Michael! And thanks Jessie for the pictures!

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Hot Dog Business

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3 am, bar closes. Everyone out! Hungry as hell. Salvation! Some mexican girl is selling hotdogs on the street! Got one, delicious! Still enjoying it when cops show up, end of story for the hotdog seller. How lame! As it cops didn’t have worse things to take care of in the Mission…

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I love CraigsList

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see this .

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Arnau i Xavi

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