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juny 29, 2010 Off

Blog Crash!

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Something went wrong at goDaddy, and my wordpress installs fail… so I’m upgrading to a newer WordPress that seems to work fine… Deeply sorry for the temporary default theme!

maig 18, 2010 1


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The weather in Berlin suits my current mood pretty accurately. Maybe it’s time I start following the sun instead of following random and distant job offers.

maig 8, 2009 2

Good Bye Snibbe

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Good Bye Snibbe! And good bye San Francisco.It was surely fun while it lasted.

març 8, 2009 Off

Sekai Camera

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way cool! I hope they do it soon!

març 1, 2009 Off

Please Say Something

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So “Please Say Something!” won the Golden Bear for best short film at 2009 Berlineale. Very much deserved imo! It is quite different from anything else I’ve seen, and that’s rare nowadays.Congrats David.

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Light Lane – Bike safety!

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Read more here. via notcot.

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There is no god

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Brilliant. From BoingBoing.

desembre 18, 2008 Off

Xmas in Thailand

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Aquests nadals i cap d’any els passo a thailàndia! L’Ann i en Mark es casen, i han convidat a tot de gent de fabrica a la boda. Ara mateix sóc a l’aeroport de San Francisco esperant el vol, en total 20+ hores d’avions i aeroports, per arribar just 18 hores abans de la boda! PD: […]

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LiquidMac is on!

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Hot Dog Business

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3 am, bar closes. Everyone out! Hungry as hell. Salvation! Some mexican girl is selling hotdogs on the street! Got one, delicious! Still enjoying it when cops show up, end of story for the hotdog seller. How lame! As it cops didn’t have worse things to take care of in the Mission…

novembre 11, 2008 Off

I love CraigsList

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see this .

octubre 28, 2008 Off

Nikon D90 in da haus!

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Ja ha arribat! El meu regal de reis de l’any passat ha arribat una mica tard, però al final ha arribat! I és una passada!! : ) Al final ha estat una Nikon D90, i apart de fer unes fotos brutals a 12mpixels, grava video 720p! Una foto des de la finestra del menjador de […]