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abril 29, 2007 0

Taxidèrmia + tecnologia

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Ara que necessito un mouse nou, què tal probar-ne un de debò? On anirem a parar…. via gizmodo

abril 24, 2007 0

Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi

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abril 19, 2007 0

Fields 1.1

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Finally released the new version of Fields, with Presets….

abril 17, 2007 0

ShowTime Featured on

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Cool!  See here…

abril 13, 2007 0

ShowTime 2.0

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Finally, after almost 2 years, I spent some time updateing ShowTime to make it work on intel macs.  It’s a complete rewrite from scratch, as the old one was java-based and it looked quite hard to make an Universal Binary for a java app at first sight.

abril 5, 2007 0


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Work in progress…