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LiquidMac and Fish top in Apple’s game download page.

By in Development, Opinió

LiquidMac ranks #2 on Apple’s website most downloaded games.  And Fish ranks number 5!

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Damn Trees

By in Development, Interactive

New aproach for the tree, they kind of want a geometrical sculpture with precise points in space, so much more complicated than I thought….

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Lego + Casablanca

By in Disseny, Fotografia!

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Building Parametric Trees…

By in Disseny, Interactive

Basic geometry rules + Recursion == Nice TreesThis is for Guallart Architects.

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Weekend con Chiara

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Che bell’ weekedn!  Grazie mille chiara!

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Windows Inside your Mac? OMG!

By in Opinió, Tecnologia

Parallels Desktop is an amazing piece of software.  Running windows apps inside Mac OS X, integrated inside the WindowServer, so that they respond to Expose, They Show in inthe Dock, etc. is just amazing.

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Hacking Passports….

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“A hacker has demonstrated an exploit against the RFID tags in the new US passports that allows him to clone a passport and modify the RFID with bad code that will crash the passport readers.” That’s what happens when you try to making traditional things more secure by adding technology to them…. via: boingboing