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Records en forma d’arxiu

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Acabo de trobar això a la meva carpeta “Random Stuff”. Després de casi 2 anys sense afegir res al blog, aquí estic afegint un text “de l’època”. Sembla que vaig voler fer una sessió d’escriptura sense un rumb concret, just abans de publicar la versió final d’OmmWriter Dana. Però m’ha fet gràcia rellegir-la… Aquí vé: […]

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Blog Crash!

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Something went wrong at goDaddy, and my wordpress installs fail… so I’m upgrading to a newer WordPress that seems to work fine… Deeply sorry for the temporary default theme!

maig 18, 2010 1


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The weather in Berlin suits my current mood pretty accurately. Maybe it’s time I start following the sun instead of following random and distant job offers.

març 28, 2010 1

Anèmona & Liquidmac on iPhone

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març 27, 2010 1

Bugs on Buildings

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març 14, 2010 1

Car Parking

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Moving to Berlin! Will be working for art+com soon.

setembre 5, 2009 2

Wouldnt it be nice if someone wrote for you?

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setembre 1, 2009 3

Face Test At Fabrica…

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I found this looking through old hard drives….. Long time ago!

agost 15, 2009 2

Flexible Ribbons

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agost 15, 2009 2

Swan lake + 3D Ribbons

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My FireFly is here!

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I finally got my pointgrey Firefly MV firewire camera; pretty awesome! Can’t wait to start doing cool stuff with it.