setembre 1, 2009 3

Face Test At Fabrica…

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I found this looking through old hard drives….. Long time ago!

3 Responses to “Face Test At Fabrica…”

  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Oriol,
    Sorry for the English. I just wanted to ask: are you going to update your screensaver Anemona for Snow Leopard? It is my favorite screensaver; my computer has crashed, I’ve had to replace my hard drive, I got Snow Leopard and I really just want Anemona as my screensaver! It’s excellent. So please let me know if you are going to update it. If not, maybe a cheat/code to adapt if for Snow Leopard? Thanks so much!

  2. Uri says:

    Been waiting to get a 64 bit capable mac to test it all on before release… But apple is taking so long in releasing those core i5 / i7 macbook pros!