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octubre 21, 2007 1

Eye Contact

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But it has to feel like it’s really looking at you.  Real Eye contact.OpenCV makes this reasonable, and this is the first experimental puppet.

octubre 20, 2007 Off

Mexican (Midget) Fight

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He de veure això en viu!

octubre 19, 2007 6

Flow / Anèmona

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Long time since I wanted to make a screensaver out of LiquidMac.  Done!Give Flow a try!

octubre 16, 2007 1

Hansi @ Work

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You all know him.

octubre 15, 2007 1

Nature as an animated pattern generator

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My dad loves fishin, and lately he’s been getting into squid fishing.Last weekend he got quite a big one, 70 cm!That’s not so cool on its own, but calamari skin is.  I know they can change their skin “color”, but I had no idea they could do it even after dead!

octubre 14, 2007 6

OpenCV for Mac OS X

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Someone ported OpenCV (Intel’s Open Computer Vision library) to Mac OS X!  It’s playtime!

octubre 4, 2007 Off

Amazed by the new Interface Builder

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You can apply “Core Animation” to any view (that is, custom NSViews, OpenGL Views, WebKit Views, NSProgressBar, anything!)  That Means you can “pos-filter” any view with the well-known CoreImage Filters!

octubre 3, 2007 Off

Introverts Vs. Extroverts

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