octubre 21, 2007 1

Eye Contact

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I’m trying to build a screen based creature that looks at you. But it has to feel like it’s really looking at you. Real Eye contact. It has to feel creepy, (and it’s part of the desired experience) as one wouldn’t expect a computer generated “creature” to create such emotions.

OpenCV makes this reasonable to think about, and this is the first experimental puppet.

Lots of ideas come to my mind, like projecting this face into an actual ape-like monkey. I believe depth adds a lot to the eye contact experience. Or Adding other “movig parts” to the puppet like eyebrowses, cheeks, etc. to give a more “alive feeling”. Or maybe just even using video as the background, instead of a still image.

I also have to investigate and find the logic about how iris get closer between them when we (humans) look at subjects that are closer. Seems to be a simple triangulation, but It will add a lot….

One Response to “Eye Contact”

  1. ann says:

    you know, the Mona Lisa painting has this neat trick, that is, if you go see it in person and not the print version. something to do w/ the perspective, but like, whichever side you’re standing and looking at the painting, you’ll see that her eyes are always straight at you.

    that is a creepy puppet.