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Hansi @ Work

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You all know hansi; you should if you don’t!
Now see him work at this cool video he made.

Oh, and the face detection thing turns out to be quite hard, my first approaches trying to discriminate know faces from unknown ones doesn’t really work that well…

The plan (for now) is to make a system that stores all recognized faces, and is smart enough to not store faces from people who is already in the DB…. Quick and dirty morphological methods are not robust at all, so I think i’ll start looking into eigenfaces tomorrow… It’s quite ugly stuff, but luckily I had to deal with it already at uni.

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  1. hansi says:

    haha, thanks for posting 🙂

    about the eigenvectors and stuff…
    there’s been a summer of code project for face detection… i think i’ve told you about it… here’s the source, it uses libcv too:

    oh, btw. you think google is sponsoring open source for no reason? should be just an incident that google has face detection now too (go to prefs on images.google.com).
    yes yes