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setembre 7, 2008 Off

Tunnel iPhone player distributuion in the U.S.

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Finally found a use to Polar Coordinates

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Olympics Crash

By in General, Tecnologia At least you couldnt see it on tv!

juliol 4, 2008 Off

Visuals for Richie Hawtin @ Sonar 2008: some videos

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juny 19, 2008 1

Visuals for MINUS; Richie Hawtin and Co. at Sonar 2008

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maig 21, 2008 2

Apple standards going down

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Apple is getting careless about many many things lately… Look at this UI bug where differently colored rects are being drawn around UI widgets… This would have never gone to a release 5 years ago! And let’s not talk about the iphone SDK program… Xcode 3.1 is painful joke! 🙁

abril 29, 2008 Off

And now, Chinese spam

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Am I the only one getting a lot of chinese spam email lately?

desembre 4, 2007 2

Port de Barcelona – TimeLapse test

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Second test on timelapse photography. This went better, as the camera didnt move so much. But something new went wrong, for some reason the camera exposure changed between shots (although it was all set in manual, so I wonder if it was the light in the scene that changed). This makes it look jumpy and […]

novembre 24, 2007 2

BugMirror is Out!

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Un altre salva pantalles! BugMirror proposa un mirall molt particular. Milers d’insectes caminen per la pantalla, intentant formar la imatge que veu la vostra isight. Aquest cop vull provar de ficar-me en el mon del shareware, a veure quines xifres s’hi mouen. BugMirror es pot descarregar aquí .

octubre 21, 2007 1

Eye Contact

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But it has to feel like it’s really looking at you.  Real Eye contact.OpenCV makes this reasonable, and this is the first experimental puppet.

octubre 14, 2007 6

OpenCV for Mac OS X

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Someone ported OpenCV (Intel’s Open Computer Vision library) to Mac OS X!  It’s playtime!

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Amazed by the new Interface Builder

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You can apply “Core Animation” to any view (that is, custom NSViews, OpenGL Views, WebKit Views, NSProgressBar, anything!)  That Means you can “pos-filter” any view with the well-known CoreImage Filters!