novembre 24, 2007 2

BugMirror is Out!

By in Disseny, Interactive, Tecnologia

Un altre salva pantalles! BugMirror proposa un mirall molt particular. Milers d’insectes caminen per la pantalla, intentant formar la imatge que veu la vostra isight.

Aquest cop vull provar de ficar-me en el mon del shareware, a veure quines xifres s’hi mouen.

BugMirror es pot descarregar aquí .

2 Responses to “BugMirror is Out!”

  1. raul says:

    Very cool indeed, but the screensaver of yours I really want is tiimewarp! And since I’m being greedy, how about an option to save sequences from your timelapse screensaver as quicktime movies…

    Thanks for the great software, I always perk up when I see your name on something because I know it will be interesting.

  2. Acwar says:

    I have jus’t bought it, it’s awesome. Nice Work 😉