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Fish Schooling progress

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Fish now create clusters of similarly colored fish


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Fish Schools

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more progress!


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Fish Schooling Progress

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Fish schooling

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My next thing is coming along nicely…


maig 8, 2009 2

Good Bye Snibbe

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Good Bye Snibbe! And good bye San Francisco.
It was surely fun while it lasted.

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Sekai Camera

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way cool!

I hope they do it soon!

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California Academy of Sciences by Night

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mira totes les fotos a:

California Academy of Sciences by Night (13 of 28)

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Please Say Something

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So “Please Say Something!” won the Golden Bear for best short film at 2009 Berlineale. Very much deserved imo! It is quite different from anything else I’ve seen, and that’s rare nowadays.Congrats David.

febrer 20, 2009 5

Scalaris is Out!

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I’ve just released the first beta version of Scalaris, an ultra minimal Twitter client.

Scalaris is a minimal Twitter client built as minimal and unintrusive as possible. It shows your friend’s tweets as Growl notifications. It allows you to send tweets without stopping your workflow.

And because Scalaris uses Growl, the customization options are endless. Go into System Preferences and set your custom display styles under the Growl preference pane.

Get it here!

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Working on a minimalistic Twitter Client

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Built with minimalism in mind. Wont break your workflow; one key-combo and you are updating your status (I wanted it to feel like Quicksilver). And it has no real window of its own; relies on Growl to display your friends status updates.

Should be out soon!

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One Day In San Francisco

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Shooting random clips as I was wandering around San Francisco on my bike. I Happened to get trapped in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration parade 2009. All shot with my Nikon D90 and the nikkor 18-200 VR lens. Then put it together into this nonsense clip.

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My Desk @ SnibbeI Interactive

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