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Back From Art Rock

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I was sent to Install Scott Snibbe‘s Social Light at the Art Rock Music Festival, and I’m back. Almost a week in a small small french town (St Brieuc). The best was having a chance to meet the other invited artists.

Social Light.

I loved Pablo Vabuena‘s Augmented Sculpture. Absolutely shocking and tripping.


Vincent Elka’s “Shout” was a bit too “let’s make it big, and it will be good” for me (this way of thinking reminds me of some back at Fabrica), but the visual treatment and the energy it transmitted where ellaborated. I always feel sound-based interaction is be frustrating and random. This was no exception.


The other piece was “Se Mi Sei Vicino”, by Sonia Cillari. Shame I didnt have a chance to see it finished, as I had to leave before it was all set up… But seemed very promising! And Sonia and Pix were good fun… That last night, in that weird bar where we were told a life-story in spanish by a crazy looking old woman was unforgetable. Oh and of c, Pix is Australian…how random meeting someone from Adelaide again!

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