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Mark & Ann & Hansi

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Magpie party

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Michael threw a party that seems to happen every year before xmas, and a bunch of people from work attended… It was fun, thanks Michael! And thanks Jessie for the pictures!

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Hot Dog Business

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3 am, bar closes. Everyone out! Hungry as hell. Salvation! Some mexican girl is selling hotdogs on the street! Got one, delicious! Still enjoying it when cops show up, end of story for the hotdog seller. How lame! As it cops didn’t have worse things to take care of in the Mission…

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Nikon D90 in da haus!

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Ja ha arribat! El meu regal de reis de l’any passat ha arribat una mica tard, però al final ha arribat! I és una passada!! : ) Al final ha estat una Nikon D90, i apart de fer unes fotos brutals a 12mpixels, grava video 720p! Una foto des de la finestra del menjador de […]

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MiniGarden between my Roof Tiles

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A little late….. Moving to San Francisco in 11 days!

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Fotos de la Nina a Sitges

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Full Set on Flickr.

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Back to San Francisco

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Living at Cole Street now… Chris invited some of us to join a barbecue at his place in Oakland for the 4th of july.

juny 20, 2008 1

SonarMática – We are the time, we are the famous

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Sonar opened last thursday, and we successfully installed what I think it’s our best version of “We are the tme, we are the famous“. Go see it at Sonar 2008!

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Back From Art Rock

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I was sent to Install Scott Snibbe‘s Social Light at the Art Rock Music Festival, and I’m back. Almost a week in a small small french town (St Brieuc). The best was having a chance to meet the other invited artists. Social Light. I loved Pablo Vabuena‘s Augmented Sculpture. Absolutely shocking and tripping. Vincent Elka’s […]

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Carlo e Marco…

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You guys are awesome!

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Welcome Nina!

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Got back to Barcelona, and found this insanely cute kitten waiting for me at home! Say hi to Nina!