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Tunnel iPhone

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Installing @ Nemo Amsterdam – Looking for Life

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LiquidMac is on!

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octubre 8, 2008 3

SnibbeInteractive – Business Card

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Cool Flash based Spider

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Tunnel for iPhone is out!

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Finally found a use to Polar Coordinates

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Tunnel coming to iPhone

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Visuals for Richie Hawtin @ Sonar 2008: some videos

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Spore Creature Creator

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Maxis will ship Spore pretty soon. I really can’t wait to see it! In the mean time, they released its creature creator as a trial…. Very well done, you can create some awesomely nonesense entities! Give it a try! Here are some of mine….

juny 20, 2008 1

SonarMática – We are the time, we are the famous

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Sonar opened last thursday, and we successfully installed what I think it’s our best version of “We are the tme, we are the famous“. Go see it at Sonar 2008!

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“We are the Time” al Sonar 08

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“We are the time. We are the famous” entra al Sonar Màtica 2008 a través de Fabrica, encaixant perfectament amb la temàtica escollida aquest any; el cinema. Visita-ho el 19, 20 i 21 de Juny Al CCCB, a Barcelona.