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New Friends from Ebay

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Those weird creatures that help me out during my daily programming sessions are Pikmin. They are the main characters of a game series called “Pikmin”, that Nintendo released for the GameCube a few years ago. If you haven’t tried that game yet, you totally should, VERY clever and different from most games. Shigeru Miyamoto is such genius. It’s totally worth getting a 2nd hand gamecube now that they are totally undervalued, just to play this gem.

I got them from ebay, they arrived on friday. Beautifully packaged, together with some super-cute japanese candy as a gift. Its seller was great, if you like random japanese things, visit his ebay page.

2 Responses to “New Friends from Ebay”

  1. Lluís says:

    A Dell monitor, an Apple keyboard, and Windows running, kind of geeky 😉