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Silly things … thanks Ann!

By in General, Opinió

Quoting Regine, who issued the game to Ann, who added me to this madness:

“The rules: I have to blog about 5 things that people wouldn’t necessarily know about me, and then in turn tag 5 other people.”

So here we go….

1. I always wanted to be a vet, I love animals and I did take care of way too many strage creatures when I was a kid. You can learn a lot from them. I thank my uncle (who is a vet) for upsetting my parents by coming with a different animal every time my age increased.

2. I believe in laziness. Being lazy makes me smarter. It makes me think of the minimum-effort way to do things, wich tends to be the optimal one.

3. I love challenges. If it’s not challenging, I won’t do it. It all becomes too boring once you discovered it, that’s why I still dont know what I want to do in life. Everything gets me bored too soon.

4. I hardly ever read books. If I ever do, its a manual. For some strange reason, most books give me a “I’m wasting my time, I dont want to do that” feeling when reading them. Oh well.

5. I am 27, I have a nintedo DS and a Wii, and they rock.

And my 5 lucky tagged people are: Marc (Barcelona, Spain), Juliana (Singapore), Fah (Thailand), Hansi (Linz,Austria),  Budreya (Dubai,United Arab Emirates)

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