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World of Warcraft and new Markets

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I downloaded the demo of World of Warcraft, the biggest MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) available. I was alwas curious about this kind of games, but i never had so much free time to try one properly. So I did.

Ganador (my player) and his cat bombay.

The whole expierence is amazing, I understand why so many people are addicted to it… I could play this for months! No other game has had me playing for so long in a very long while… Give it a try, they offer a free 10 day trial (the download is 4gb though).

But the amazing thing is that.Seven millions of people have signed up with wow, that is a lot of people. And those guys saw it. They buy and sell warcraft money, so if you are desperate to get that awsome item that would take you weeks to buy by killing thousands of random creatures, you can talk to them and buy some warcraft “gold” for some real-world dollars. How clever is that! They also buy money, so if u are really bored and want to make real-world money, make as much as u can in the fictional world, and they’ll give you dollars for it. Clever idea!

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